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San Diego Divorce Mediation - Vista & North County Mediator

Divorce Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

General litigation is not the best way to resolve divorce issues. Mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) are better methods. These approaches can save you the time, money, and stress involved in traditional divorce litigation.

Mediation allows the two parties involved in a divorce to work together to reach a resolution. Unlike divorce litigation, in which the outcome is in the hands of the judge who may provide a result which satisfies neither party, divorce mediation puts you in control of your future. It can help foster communication between the two parties in the divorce.

Arbitration is closer to traditional divorce litigation than mediation. It allows the two sides to present their divorce issues to an experienced arbitrator, who acts as a judge.

Arbitration affords an additional level of privacy and efficiency not typically found in standard divorce litigation.  

Qualified Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyers

James A. Hennenhoefer Divorce & Family Law is available to mediate or arbitrate your divorce issues. Our team includes certified family law mediators and certified family law arbitrators with decades of divorce mediation experience and knowledge to help resolve your most complicated divorce mediation matters.